Sample Tender document for Construction of bungalow and compound wall

Here is the Sample of Construction |Company Work Tender documents , that one can follow to go forward with Building Contractor Agreement in India. Many States Like Goa follows this:
Tender document for Construction of bungalow and compound wall - Contractor Goa

1.0) Instruction to Tenderer:

1.1) proposal shall be made upon the form provided herewith and blank space in the form shall be fully filled in.

1.2) Before submitting a proposal, all tenderers should carefully examine the drawings and specification, visit the site and fully inform themselves as to the existing conditions and limitations. All proposals shall be taken into consideration all such conditions which may affect the work under the contract.

1.3) The competency and responsibility of the tenders and of their proposed subcontractor will be considered in making the award. The owner does not obligate himself to accept the lowest of any other tender.

1.4) Tenders shall state in their proposal the number of consecutive calendar days which will be required by them to complete the work as specified and shown on drawings, which could have a bearing on the award of the contract.

1.5) The contract documents comprises of:

Article of agreement.

Schedule of rates.

Bar chart.

1.6) The following are the Contract drawings

Architectural drawings (floor plan, section, elevation and site plan)-7 nos.

Structural drawings-2 nos.

1.7) The selected contractor shall provide a bar chart/ construction schedule for the proposed work which will form a part of the contract agreement.

You can Download the Complete Document here for Printing or Reference

2.0 Proposal

Project: construction of bungalow and compound wall for Mr. ________________ in plot number ________ bearing survey number_______ situated at ____________ village of ___________taluka.

Tenderer's name: ______________




Re: Construction of bungalow and compound wall for Mr.___________________ in plot number ______ bearing survey number situated at __________ village of __________ taluka.

Having examined the drawing specifications and bills of quantities prepared by our Architect, consulting Engineer and Quantity Supervisor for the above building, I hereby offer to execute the building construction work at the respective rates which I have quoted for the items of the bills of quantities and at which rates the items specified amount to ___________________. (_____________ lakh ___________ thousand and ________ paisa only)

In the event of this tender being accepted, I agree to enter into and execute the necessary contract required for you.

In future agree to complete the work within the time stipulated from the date of signing of contract or the date of order commencement whichever is earlier ,subject the agreed liquidated damages as mentioned in the contract agreement. I accept time being the essence of the contract.

I agree to pay government sales tax and other duties levied on such items on which taxes/levies are liveable however service tax is applicable to be charged to the owner.

Given below are the details of our firm

Name of the firm:

Type of ownership:

Name of partners:

Address of establishment:

Yours faithfully


  1. This agreement is signed between Mr._________________, residence of ___________here after called as owner and _______________ ,represented by Mr having his office at __________________ hereafter called as contractor on this ____day of _____ month of the year __________.
  2. The clauses of the contract are as follows
  3. The contractor has to start the work within 8 days of issuing the work order from RCC consultant Ms________________.
  4. The minimum amount of each R.A bill should be rupees 10,00,000/-(10 lacs only) or maximum number of R.A should be ten only.
  5. The R.A bills should be submitted by the contractor to the engineer at an appropriate stage and the checking of the R.A bills should be done within 10 working days by the engineer.
  6. The 75% of the value of R.A bill should be paid within eight days of the issue of Ad Hoc certificate by the engineer and the balance payment of the R.A bill should be done within 15 days of the issue of work certificate .Bills will be paid as per the actual measurement at site at unit rate agreed.
  7. Time limit for completion of the work will be one year from the date of award of the work order including monsoon which is extendable on prior application to the owner through the Architect/Engineer which may be considered as a case basis. The contractor is required to make his own arrangement to work during the season including arrangement for covering bailing out of water etc.
  8. The contractor would be required to carry out all the works as set out with necessary alteration as deemed fit as per the Architects/Engineers specifications/directions providing all necessary materials, labours, tools, tackle and equipment required to completion fully to the satisfaction of the Architect/Engineer.
  9. The Contractor, after acceptance of tender shall provide a bar chart which will form a part of the contract and the contractor shall have to execute the work as per the bar chart provided by him.
  10. The owner also propose to provide certain materials for the work which they may get special discount from the market, in the event of which these may be deducted from the contractor at prevailing market rate in case provided in the tender rates.
  11. The owner through the Architect/ Engineer retains their right to alter, add, omit, delete or modify any or part of the list scope of the work as deemed fit in the interest of the works. No claim will be entertained in this regard from the contractor.
  12. The owner reserves the right to withdraw any item from the contractor's scope and get the same executed by a different agency who will however be working under the general control of contractor.
  13. In case of alteration in items as above the contractor would be required to submit his revised rate for the work with proper rate analysis for the items as necessary for the approval of the Architect/Engineer before commencement of the work.
  14. The owners through the architect engineer reserves the right to verify the rates and compensate the contractor based on prevailing market rates.
  15. The contractor shall provide a display sign board indicating the project details as per the requirement of statutory bodies like the South Goa planning and development authority of village Panchayat.
  16. In the event of failure to submit the revised rate the contractor would be duly compensated based on either the market rates or best on actual consumption of the material and labour required with a 15% margin for the contractors profit and overheads. The contractor would be required to maintain proper accounts with bills etc. as necessary to substantiate his claim as and when required. The Architect/ Engineer decision would be final and binding in the matter.
  17. The contractor would be required to carry out the works directed by the Architect /Engineer to completion in the interest of the works.
  18. Though the Architect /Engineer or his representative would be visiting the site periodically the contractor would be required to give specific and sufficient notice to the Architect /Engineer for inspection at site on laying out the works and seek prior approval on preparation of sample of repetitive nature of works.
  19. The contractor would be required to give his full personal supervision for the works ensuring the best quality of the works for ensuring the best quality of the works including management of materials and Labour to avoid any undue wastage.
  20. Even though periodic inspection would be carried by the owner Architect /Engineer, this would not exonerate the contractor from his responsibility of providing superior quality of works and rectification of defects which make crop during or after the works.
  21. At all times during the works the contractor would be required to be either personally present or appoint a qualified and experienced engineer for the works. No work would be allowed to be carried out in the absence of either one.
  22. All payment would be made against due verification and certification of detail bills to be submitted with properly measured quantities and abstracts copies of bills, signed challan, etc. The contractor may give due notice to the Architect/ Engineer for joint measurement at the site. 
  23. All material supplied at site specially provided in the supply items would have to be measured and countersigned by the owners or the representative at the time of unloading of the material which would have to be produced for claiming payment by the contractor.
  24. The Architect/ Engineer may withhold certain percentage from the amount claimed in the bill in case the works are found to be lacking in quality/specifications which the contractor would have to be rectify expressly to the satisfaction of the Architect/ Engineer.
  25. In the event of any dispute arising between the owner and contractor as regards matter of the work the Architect/Engineer decision will be final and binding of the parties concerned.
  26. Contractor would be required to ensure total safety of the men as well as material at the site building during the course of works. All labours working at height to be provided with safety harness and comply with labour and health regulation as in force including insurance etc. and identify the owners against the same.
  27. No labour would be allowed to stay with the premises of the building under construction except while executing the work the contractor would have to make his own arrangement to conveyance of the workers as well as temporary toilets for the labour including dismantling and cleaning of the same before virtual completion.
  28. The contractor would be required to maintain the site in reasonably clean and healthy state during the works with no extra cost levied on the owners.
  29. In the event the contractor abandons work for a period of 8 days without prior consent of the Architect/ Engineer, the owner would be free to terminate the contract and appoint another with the contractor forfeiting this payments due as well as retention amount and the material and equipment at the site. The owner will be free to utilise or dispose for the same in any manner they may deem fit. Under such circumstances no claims would be entertained in the matter from the contractor.
  30. If the above work is not completed within the stipulated time limit, a fine equal to interest of loan amount per day has to be refunded back to the owner.
  31. The plumbing and electrical work can be handed over to separate agencies by the owner but proper notice has to be given to the contractor so that the separate agencies can coordinate with the smooth operation of work.
  32. Retention of 5% of each R.A. bill should be kept deducted from each R.A. bill and same should be release 50% after virtual completion of work and 50% after defect liability period of eight months subject to the condition that defect if any is rectified by the contractor to the satisfaction of the Architect/ Engineer. After this said eight months, the Architect/ Engineer should recommend payment of said retention money within 15 days if the work has been satisfactorily executed. All defect noticed in the defect liability period should be made good by the contractor at his own cost. The opinion of the Architect/ Engineer regarding a defect and whether if has been properly rectified shall be final and binding.
  33. The contractor shall forthwith comply with and duly executed any works comprise in such instructions issued to him by the Architect/ Engineer in regard to any matter in respect of which the Architect/ Engineer is expressly empowered by these conditions to issue instructions provided always that verbal instruction, direction and explanations given to the contractor or his work representative by the Architect/ Engineer shall if involving a variation be confirmed in writing.
  34. If within seven days after receipt of a written notice from the Architect/ Engineer, requiring compliance with an instruction the contractor does not comply herewith, then the owner may employ and pay other persons to execute any work whatsoever which may be necessary to give effect to such instructions and all whatsoever which may be necessary to give effect to such instruction and all costs incurred in such employment selfie recoverable from the contractor by the owner as a depth of may be deducted by him from any Monies due or to become due to the contractor under their contract.
  35. The contractor shall not deviate from the drawing and the specification of the Architect/ Engineer interpretation of these documents shall be final and without appeal.
  36. The contractor shall employ all labourers as per section 75(A) of the Goa public health act.
  37. Final say of dispute: In any dispute in the interpretation of the conditions of contracts rates of works, decision of Architect/ Engineer will be final and binding.
  38. The contractor rates are including the cost of water and electricity along with its arrangement also staging and lifting the upper floors.
  39. All the qualities in the tender approximate . Contractor's bills will be settled as per actual measurement checked at site and as certified by the Architect/ Engineer .The Architect/ Engineer reserves the right to deviate, delete or increase or decrease quantities of the items for which no compensation will be given.
  40. The work shall be carried strictly as per the specifications and as directed by the Architect/ Engineer.
  41. No damage should be caused to adjacent structure .If any damage occurs, the same will be rectified free of cost by the contractor.
  42. Contractor has to submit concern testing reports along with each R.A. bill.
  43. Quotation of the contractor as attached herewith in an as ANNEXURE -II.
  44. Local taxes will be charged as applicable.








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