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Are online Interior Design Courses worth it?

Well the Answer is "YES " In-fact, During our Construction Projects in various part of India, Specially in Goa, We encounter many Interior designer students, civil engineering students and Architects who ask the same question . Lets Describe the Answer step by step Add caption First we need to know what exactly is an Interior Designer and What he/She can do? Interior design is a field that allows for a lot of different employment options that vary greatly from commercial interiors, visual merchandising, furniture design or product vendor. Interior design is not new to us as all our lives we have been organizing and designing the places around us. An interior design course allows you to be familiar with interior design 3d modelling so that you can design and decorate your spaces without depending upon a different person who will have to design according to your requirements on different software's. There is a number of software's available for 3d des

FAQ on Construction Projects in Goa

What is architectural site plan? A site plan is a really important part of any set of architectural drawings. The site plan will often show information like existing and proposed buildings, access, landscaping, site boundaries and much more. There are, however, different types of site plans. What are architectural site plans used for? A site plan can be used as part of a planning application, to demonstrate where the proposed site is located, and provide details of the proposed building boundaries and neighboring land. After planning, an architectural site plan will start to contain more detailed information that is required for construction and will become part of a construction drawing set or detailed design package. When you apply for planning permission, the local authority has a standard requirement of drawings that provide information about the proposals. If you are submitting a relatively normal planning application, a Location Plan and Block Plan will most likely b

5 Things you must Remember before hiring a Building Contractor & Construction Company in Goa

The Question is often asked to us  "What are the essential factors should I consider before hiring a Civil contractor or a Building Construction Company in Goa?" So we wrote this helping Guide for Home Owner or Buyer , who is still confused to decide on selecting a Best Building Contractor in Goa or more specific the Best Construction Company in Goa . Well as per our experience in training Civil Engineers, Architects, 2D and 2D Interior Designers, AutoCAD Students and talking to construction Experts  We are listing out 5 very Important factors that can help you in deciding Best Contractor or a  Building Construction Company in Goa, India. So Lets Start by Answering .. In Goa if you are looking for a Building Contractor or a Civil Contractor You must be Sure of 5 very Important Factors before hiring a Consultant.  The 5 Factors to Decide a Good Contractor in Goa for the year 2020 is to ask 5 very Important Questions How much Knowledge the Contractors Have?