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List of Document required for construction of house in goa

  Document required for construction of house in goa 1) Orignal copy of the latest survey plan of the plot where house construction is to be done. 2) Orignal copy of Form I & XIV. (Mutation) 3) Attested copy of Ownership document from Notary . 4) Original copy of SANAD of the plot. - It's the Construction Approval Process. Its takes around  90 days plus to get the SANAD generally. Once the Land Owner in Goa gets the  SANAD /Construction Approval, He or She must make an Affidavit to give permission for the engineer/Architect. Check out the detailed latest  Civil Contractor Rates in Goa here See the Sample Affidavit to Give Permission by land Owner in Goa to Architect & Engineer below. You can also Download this by Clicking here.    

How much is the Fee for an Architect & Engineer for house Construction in Goa, India

Construction of Residential Buildings,  Apartment or Farmhouse in Goa needs Paperwork and Approval from Govt. After the Approval One needs to have the Construction Professional services like Architects and Design / Civil Engineers to get the Construction Site Planning.  For the Latest 2022 year, We are listing Naik Constructions, Architectural and engineering charges/fees/Costs for house construction in the State of GOA, India. If you want Architectural Planning, RCC Designs, and Estimation * then our charges with stages of payment are as below:- 1) Architectural planning /submission or approval plan which includes all floor plans, roof plans, sections, elevation, site plans, schedule statements, Area statements, etc.: Rs. 100 per square meter 2) Approval file for submission dually signed by Engineer.:  Rs 50 per square meter additional : 3) RCC structure Design by Engineer with liability and stability certificate: Rs. 100 per square meter 4) Detail estimation of project or Bill of qua