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Civil Contractor Building Construction Rates Details Goa 2023

If you are searching for a Civil Contractor in Goa, Who can manage to Build your House, Apartment or Villa , Or Bungalow , than you are in the right place.   We are having a comprehensive professional experience of more than 35 years, in building eco friendly and cost effective Buildings in Goa. As per this Financial Year 2023- 2024 the Civil Contractor Estimates Rates in Goa. India are given Below. QUATATION For Residential (Ground + First floor) Building Construction @22000/ SQM.(VALID FOR 2023) If you are interested you can directly submit your Request here ( Naik Construction Goa Quote Request ) to get the best Available Cvil Contractor rates. Work Description: Footings Excavation in soft Soil (By JCB). Soling and PCC for footing (100mm each). Footing RCC Work. Excavation for plinth wall in soft Soil. Soling and PCC below plinth Masonry (100mm each). Foundation Masonry (300mm undressed Laterite Stone). Column Casting from Footing till plinth beam bottom. RCC Plinth beam (4