Are online Interior Design Courses worth it?

Well the Answer is "YES "

In-fact, During our Construction Projects in various part of India, Specially in Goa, We encounter many Interior designer students, civil engineering students and Architects who ask the same question .
Lets Describe the Answer step by step

Interior Design Projects in Goa
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First we need to know what exactly is an Interior Designer and What he/She can do?

Interior design is a field that allows for a lot of different employment options that vary greatly from commercial interiors, visual merchandising, furniture design or product vendor.

Interior design is not new to us as all our lives we have been organizing and designing the places around us.

An interior design course allows you to be familiar with interior design 3d modelling so that you can design and decorate your spaces without depending upon a different person who will have to design according to your requirements on different software's.

There is a number of software's available for 3d designing of which are AutoCAD, sketch up, 3ds max on which you can design a perfect room by taking into consideration all the requirements of the client.

Scope of Working and Earning Money Professionally

Interior designing has a lot of scope throughout the world the UK, the US, India etc. Life for a newly starting interior designer is made a lot more easier with the help up off of design software. 3DS Max is one of most widely used 3D interior design software in India.

Once you get a proper knowledge of the software, you can create your own design by working on the software before you can actually execute it on site.

Learning interior design Online :

With online interior design courses you can save much of your time by working on the software at home in your own time and at your own space.

Benefits that you get by Learning Online Interior Design Course :

Learn at your Own Time and Space

No Need to Travel to Training Center (Again Saves Time and Money)

It's Cheaper as compared to Offline Classes

With the Benefits , there are some of the Cons/Disadvantages that brings Online Learning a tough job , if you are not passionate enough to Put valuable dedicated time to learn or there might be some technical issues like internet connectivity or sound quality etc.

Overall if you are passionate , there is nothing that stops you from being a master of Interior Design.. Just need to Register the Course and Learn .

In a nutshell, online interior design course will prepare you to become a professional interior designer. You will study the design trends and history, the different furniture styles and fabrics, colour theory and lighting in a proper perspective.

This course enables you to complete a series of design projects designed to help you master these skills.

How much is an Interior Designer Earn ?

In India depending on the employer and once experience the salary including bonuses and commission for assistant interior designers ranges between Rs.25000 to Rs.40000 per month.

For senior interior designers the salary including bonuses and commission is approximately to Rs.500000 to Rs.30,00,000 per year.

The online interior design courses will undoubtedly help you work on your design skills without moving out of your house.

Practical Learning Interior Design Courses at Institute

Now its is certainly a good idea to learn online , specially when the corona pandemic is not yet over. 

But its the year 2021 and in Practical Learning experience with the Tutor, 

One get a perspective insight to the Construction Design, Modular Kitchen Concepts, Interior Lighting System , the Perfect space management , by discussion and physically learning at an Renowned Institute like the CAD cam Centre and follow Best Available Syllabus
Interior Design Course Institute Goa

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