5 Things you must Remember before hiring a Building Contractor & Construction Company in Goa

The Question is often asked to us

 "What are the essential factors should I consider before hiring a Civil contractor or a Building Construction Company in Goa?"

So we wrote this helping Guide for Home Owner or Buyer , who is still confused to decide on selecting a Best Building Contractor in Goa or more specific the Best Construction Company in Goa .

Well as per our experience in training Civil Engineers, Architects, 2D and 2D Interior Designers, AutoCAD Students and talking to construction Experts  We are listing out 5 very Important factors that can help you in deciding Best Contractor or a  Building Construction Company in Goa, India.


Lets Start by Answering ..

Best Contractor of Building Construction Company in Goa, India.

In Goa if you are looking for a Building Contractor or a Civil Contractor You must be Sure of 5 very Important Factors before hiring a Consultant. 

The 5 Factors to Decide a Good Contractor in Goa for the year 2020 is to ask 5 very Important Questions

  1. How much Knowledge the Contractors Have?
  2. Does they have Digital /Online Support ?
  3. Can they work Within your Budget?
  4. Local Presence in Goa ?
  5. Do they Provide Actual Estimates & MOU ?
5 points to Remember Before you Hire a Civil Contractor in Goa

How much Knowledge the Contractors Have?

Check for the Contrac0tors who are well knowledgeable with CAD CAM Designs, Good Architectural Ideas to Save you Lakhs of Rupees in Construction Materials.

Always Check for people who are having good supportive team of Engineers, Architects, 2d or 3D CAD & CAM Designers etc .

For Example Naik Construction Company in Goa have such a team of Construction Designer, Architect and Engineers that can be very valuable in the Construction Time  (More Details )

Once you understand the Company and its Team of Professionals , lets consider the 2nd most important factor in deciding Best Civil Contractor for your Projects in Goa. i.e : Online Support

Does the Construction Company have Digital /Online Support ?

Online or Digital Support by Contractor or a Construction Company in Goa is very New and Innovative Concept.

Think of the way we communicate now with our Smartphone, the emails, and all this because of the power of Internet , that had impacted our lives.

Digital technology and Online Facilities by Construction Companies like Naik Construction is revolutionary in itself.

One can directly see the Per Square feet Approximate Construction Rates with granular Details of Material Cost as well as construction Labor cost , consultant fees and the timeline. (See here )

YOU CAN NOW Get a free Online Quotation Also by Submitting your Requirements here  
Click to Request a Quote for Construction in Goa

Can Contractor work Within your Budget?

This is an obvious question that one can ask.
Building Construction in Goa , India Budget Per Square Feet Rates by Naik Construction
All your money is going to Flow in Building your Dream Project (Bangalow/House/Apartment/Beach Resort/ Kitchen Interior etc)

There are times you may have a certain Budget in Mind , Lets say Rs 15 Lakhs and the Contractor you Hire could trick you to be completing within 15 Lakhs of your Budget . But the best way to trust is to Ask for Complete Breakup of Details and Do Sign a MOU like NAik Construction in Goa , India Does . (See here )

Now the Question is ..

Can Construction Company in Goa (for Example Naik Construction ) build your house / Building / Bungalow in a budget of your Choice or not.?


the Answer Depends on various Factor , but the Most important is to truly verify feasibility of the Projects within the Budget.

There might be some adjustment to it in the form of construction Material Quality of Quantity as well as the Complete Project Design changes.

So its Better to have a Detail , Complete analysis of Construction Cost, Professional Fees and Material Cost break up with construction Company consultation

Local Presence in Goa ?

They Must be in Goa and Provide Support of Architect, Interior Designer, Supervisors etc

Naik Construction Company Goa Address
Once the Local Contractor is from Goa , you can be sure of its timely Project delivery too.

Do they Provide Actual Estimates & MOU ?

Like or not you must ask for a written well formatted Actual Estimates and a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding ) between you and the Contractor Before you Start the Construction Project.

This Document is very essential for the Home / House / Bungalow Owner to keep track of the Commitments by the Construction Company or the Building Contractor .

Like  when Naik Construction Goa,  start a Projects (Bungalow Building Construction , Renovation Projects, Kitchen Interior Design , etc ) they Provide a Actual Estimate with MOU , and that too with Online /Digital Format with Clear Transparency.

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