Construction Material Rates in Goa (updated year 2022)

As one of the Best Service Building Contractor firms in goa, Naik Construction publishes the Estimated Cost of Construction Material Rates Every Month. 

The Construction Material Rates from February 2022, are Listed below for Reference. 

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The Following Rates are applicable as per the Units mentioned. Like the Cement, the Rate is @ Rs11600 per cubic meter , While TMT Steel Rods are Rs 64 Per Kg.

Similarly, Granite Slab Rates are Approx Rs 1500 Per Square Meter, while the Floor Tiles are Rs 750 Per Square Meter.

Please Refer to the Below Listed Price to Estimate the Best Cost of Construction for your Apartment, Bungalow, or Duplex House by the Best Civil Contractors in Goa, India.

Construction Material Rates 2022 in Goa
Updated Construction Material Rates in Goa  year 2022

Previous Reference Rates of Construction Material Before 2022 are listed below:

Contractor in Goa Material Rates 2020

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