Plastering to Full Finish Rates For Goa Bungalow and House (2024)

Turnkey Interior and House Finishing Service Goa India Rates and Price

Work Description for Residential (Ground + First floor) house from plastering to full finish.    

At NaikConstruction.Com, we don't just build houses; we craft dreams into reality. As one of the best and most popular construction companies in the picturesque land of Goa, India, we take immense pride in delivering excellence with a touch of warmth and professionalism. 

Your dream home journey with NaikConstruction.Com is designed to be not only efficient but an experience you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Your Dream Home, Step by Step: (After the Construction Stages Completes)

1. Electrical Conduit Work (Up to 6 Points in Each Room)

Let's illuminate your dream space! Our skilled team ensures a well-thought-out electrical conduit work, providing up to 6 points in each room for optimal functionality and convenience.

2. Plumbing Internal Conduit Piping Work

Because a dream home needs efficient plumbing! Our experts handle the internal conduit piping work, ensuring a reliable and worry-free plumbing system throughout your abode.

3. Applying Internal Double Coat Wall Putty

Prepare for perfection! We meticulously apply a double coat of high-quality wall putty, creating a smooth canvas for the colors of your dreams.

4. Bath/WC Wall and Room Floor Tiles Fittingx

It's time to infuse style into your spaces! Our craftsmen expertly fit bath/WC wall tiles and room floor tiles, bringing elegance and functionality to every corner.

5. Doors, Windows & Ventilators Shutters Fitting

Secure and stylish! We ensure a perfect fit for doors, windows, and ventilator shutters, blending security seamlessly with aesthetic appeal.

6. Fixing of Bathroom Fittings

Elevate your personal space! Our skilled team takes care of fitting bathroom fixtures, bringing functionality and style to your oasis of relaxation.

7. Electrical Wiring and Switch Fitting

Let there be light, exactly where you need it! Our experts handle electrical wiring and switch fitting with precision, ensuring a safe and well-lit environment.

8. Internal and External Railings Fitting

Finishing touches matter! We add flair and safety with the fitting of internal and external railings, turning your home into a masterpiece.

9. Applying Internal and External Single Coat Primer

A canvas for your dreams! Before the final stroke of paint, we apply a single coat of primer internally and externally, ensuring durability and vibrancy.

10. Final Double Coat Paint Internal and External

The grand finale! Our skilled painters bring your vision to life with a final double coat of paint, turning your home into a masterpiece inside and out.

11. Polishing of Wood and Painting of Metal

Timeless touches! We expertly polish wood elements and paint metal fixtures, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal for years to come.

12. Roofing and Tile Work

Protecting your dreams from the top! Our roofing and tile work ensure a sturdy and weather-resistant structure, allowing you to live worry-free.

Note: Waterproofing, compound wall, and gate are not included in our scope.

Here is the Detailed List, Point by Point Work that you can get after the House Construction Stages are Finished, From Gray Structure to Complete Finish (Turnkey Service)

Work Description:

  • 1. Electrical Conduit work max 6 points in each room.
  • 2. Plumbing internal conduit piping Work.
  • 3. Applying of Internal double coat wall putty.
  • 4. Bath/WC Wall and room Floor tiles fitting.
  • 5. Doors, Windows & ventilators shutters fitting.
  • 6. Fixing of bathroom fittings.
  • 7. Electrical wiring and switch fitting.
  • 8. Internal and external railings fitting.
  • 9. Applying of internal and external single coat primer.
  • 10. Final double coat Paint internal and external.
  • 11. Polishing of wood and painting of metal.
  • 12. Roofing and tile work.
  • 13. Waterproofing, Compound wall &Gate not included in our scope.

Instalment Stages for Residential (Ground + First floor) house from plastering to finish.

The Instalment Stages are provided by Naik Construction, for the House owners in Goa to be stress free and prepay on start of every Stages mentioned below. 


  • 1. Electrical Conduit work.
  • 2. Plumbing internal conduit piping Work.
  • 3. Wooden frames for doors and windows.


  • 4. Applying of Internal double coat wall putty.
  • 5. Applying of internal and external single coat primer.


  • 6. Bath/WC Wall and room floor tiling.
  • 7. Fixing of bathroom fittings.


  • 8. Roof tiles.
  • 9. Final double coat Paint for Internal and External.
  • 10. Electrical wiring and switch fitting.


  • 11. Doors, windows and ventilators fitting.
  • 12. Internal and external railings.


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